The boisterous Mid – Autumn festival at Sum Pharma

The boisterous Mid – Autumn festival at Sum Pharma

Celebrating a Vietnamese tradition, Sum Pharma organizes annual Mid Autumn Festival on the 15th day in August of the lunar calendar for employee's children. On September 24, 2015, the festival had been held at Hancorp tower attracting more than 200 children.

This year, the festival was organized outdoors with many aesthetic performances such as unicorn dances, children group’s songs, prestidigitation and fascinating animal circus. Children were all present with joy in the bustling atmosphere under the full moon.

After the unicorn dances, the children were guided to take part in the funny and dramatic games. The boys, especially, loved the game show while the girls extremely excited to practice make up for their fathers.

The children not only enjoyed the party but also received unique and cute gifts such as aesthetic balloons, musical lanterns and many interesting toy gifts.

Annual Mid – Autumn festival at Sum Pharma brought all little members a warmest and meaningful day. Moreover, the activity also created a playing- field, strengthened the exchanges between all employees' families in Sum Pharma.

Some of moments at Mid – Autumn festival night:


Kids are so excited when one unicorn is coming.

Various emotions in vibrant music

Kids are patiently waiting for receiving aesthetic balloons.

Children are attracted by aesthetic balloons.

Children are so excited with Ms. Hang’s game.

Some special items on the program

Professional performances by kid girls

Fascinating animal circus

Children are listening with concentration to performances on stage.

Beautiful and cute smile of “little angel”

The soul of show is Mr. Cuoi and Ms Hang’s presence.

Kid boy is excited playing blindfold game.

Kid girls are making up for their fathers

Nothing is impossible by her hands

The most expected item at the end is cake and candy party under the full moon.


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