Sustainable development


The society keeps developing and the living standard of Vietnamese people keeps getting higher and higher. However, Vietnam is facing many challenges and serious problems namely food safety, pollution and new kinds of disease. Each person and organization must be an active part of the society in order to solve those issues. Each person and organization have to raise the awareness about sustainable development and take responsibility with themselves as well as the community for the existence and development of individuals, of the society at the moment and of generations to come.

Being aware of that, Sum Pharma undertakes to provide customer with safe and effective products of high quality and value and keep searching for the new product in health care area to meet the demand of the Vietnamese people and disease trend in Vietnam and all over the world. Besides, Sum Pharma always takes responsibility with the customers, community, society and staff members on the basis of sharing and cooperating in order to co-developing.

Sustainable development orientation of Sum Pharma focuses on these contents:

Sum Pharma acknowledges that each staff member in the company has to understand about “sustainable development”. Effectiveness can only be achieved by deep understanding and voluntary action. Therefore, Sum Pharma focuses on communicating its vision, mission, core values, goals and corporate culture to each staff members in every recruitment, which create a standard for their working process at the company. Each year, Sum Pharma usually holds training courses and workshops about its orientation, vision, mission and strategy, which are steps to guarantee Sum Pharma’s sustainable development strategy besides other sustainability-oriented actions which are being performed.