Sumpharma’s Corporate Culture

SUM Pharma has always taken every effort to establish its unique cultural identity with a view to becoming an environment where each employee’s capability is gathered and utilized, contributing to the sustainable development of the company. Every employee at SUM Pharma always proactively learns and tries their best in order to complete themselves. SUM’s activities all focus on its staff members, paying great attention to both their material and mental life. These activities  help to create a happy and humane corporate culture.

Bearing in mind the idea of building a company with a humane work culture, SUM always encourages and facilitates its staff members to join social and charitable activities in hoping that each staff member of SUM will become a person having both talent and good behavior.

Meaningful presents given to poor children at Pate, Tuc Dan, Tram Tau, Yen Bai province by SUM’d staff

With the idea of sustainable development with constant improvement of product and service quality and company development associated  with corporate culture development, SUM usually organizes performance, culture and sports acitvities to improve the mental life of its staff members, creating motivation at work and inspiration for creativity.

Sumpharma in honour of receiving Vietnam’s Top Brand

A typical sports activity of the company called SUM Football Cup is held annually to promote solidarity, love for sports and healthy living style for staff members. This is also an occasion for the beautiful women of SUM to go to the pitch and cheer on their male colleagues.

Sumpharma’s cheering team always fully support their colleague’s fighting spirit

Annual company retreats, vacations and team-building activities draw staff members close to each other. Summer vacation is one of the annual activities that gives themrelaxing moments with colleagues and family as a reward for their efforts in the whole year. Meanwhile, summer vacation is also an occasion for the staff members to be closer and more united so that after each journey, they have new energy to take efforts together to complete their tasks successfully, all for a common goal: the increasingly prosperous development of SUM.

Picture taken at Sumpharma Gala Dinner at Dai Lai, Vinh Phuc

Activities to celebrate holidays and festivals such as New Year Celebration, International Women’s Day, International Children’s day, traditional Mid-Autumn Festival are usually organized by the company. Competitions like “Nice Office Competition”, “Cooking Competition”, “Flowers and Fruit Arrangement Competition”, “Sunrise’s Dance Step” are held with a view to  building a corporate culture and close relationships among departments and individuals in the company, improving spiritual life of staff members as well as giving them relaxing moments after work hours.

Paying attention to the mental life of staff members has become a beautiful feature of the company’s corporate culture. Children of staff members are also taken great care of  by the company’s Labour Union with many programs such as International Children’s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, giving presents at the end of school year to recognize their efforts in studying.

Entertainment programs and gift-giving events for children of SUM’s staff members

Coming to SUM means  coming to friendly, enthusiastic and active people, not only at work but in social activities. With the spirit of “work hard, play hard”, SUM has indeed become the second house for its staff members. 

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