Sumpharma presented free health supplements to poor patients hospitalized in Hanoi

In the early days of 2017, Sumpharma organized a series of charitable programs to provide direct visits and free health supplements for hundreds of poor patients who were hospitalized in private hospitals in Hanoi.

The beginning of this meaningful activity was a visit to the National Hospital of Traditional Medicine (Nguyen Binh Khiem - Hanoi). Here, 40 packs of health supplements totally worth 10 million VND were handed to patients by a representative of Sum Pharmaceutical Company.


A representative of Sumpharma gave free health supplements to the National Hospital of Traditional Medicine.

On behalf of the patients who received gifts from Sum Pharmaceutical Company, Head Nurse Nguyen Van Tuan said: The gifts donated by the sponsor are extremely precious to poor patients hospitalized in our faculty, helping them to save the cost of buying medicines. I hope other companies will carry out similar charitable events to what Sumpharma is doing because a successful and long-lasting pharmaceutical business must prioritize the patients.

Following the above-mentioned activity, on March 10, 2017, representatives of Sum Pharmaceutical Company visited and presented 30 gift packages to Traditional Medicine Hospital, Ministry of Public Security (278 Luong The Vinh - Hanoi). Here, after meeting the hospital management committee, representatives of Sumpharma directly met and presented gifts to patients who were receiving treatment here.


Sumpharma handed gift packs to poor patients who are being treated at the Public Health Ministry's Public Security Service

It is known that the hospital's Department of Surgery has not only the biggest number of patients (over 40 people) but also the biggest number of people in difficult circumstances who need help from various organizations. Therefore, the representatives of Sumpharma Company decided to give gifts to patients at the Department of Surgery.


After receiving the gift bag from Sumpharma and being given detailed instruction on usage by doctors, Mrs. Bui Thi Dinh (a patient from Thanh Hoa) said touchingly: How lucky I am! I suffered a lot from hemorrhoid but after two days of surgery, I feel better now. I am so thankful that I am gifted this Com An tri (Schett) from your company. I will take it immediately to recover soon. I want to say thanks a lot to the company and the doctors.


On March 20, 2016, representatives of Sumpharma Company continued to visit and presented 20 gift packages at Trang An Hospital (59 Thong Phong-Ton Duc Thang, Hanoi). Representatives of Sumpharma Company had the honour of meeting and discussing with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Manh Nham, President of the Vietnam Society of Proctology.


Trang An Hospital received 20 gift packs from Sumpharma representatives.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nham said: Sumpharma’s gifts are very precious to the patients at Trang An hospital. Nowadays it is rare  to find a pharmaceutical company with “hearts of gold” like yours. Wish the company much success in the future.

By the end of March 2017, Sum Pharmaceutical delegation visited and presented 20 gift packs to staffs and patients at Tri Duc General Hospital (219 Le Duan - Hanoi). Here, Sumpharma also received the warm welcome from the hospital managers and senior doctor Hoang Dinh Lan, former Head of Department of Surgery, National Hospital of Traditional Medicine.

Doctor Hoang Dinh Lan received presents from representatives of Sum Pharmaceutical Company

Dr. Hoang Dinh Lan said that he himself was suffering from digestive and endocrine diseases. After looking at the ingredients of the products presented by Sumpharma, he decided to use and share the products with some staff who are working at the hospital to take care of their health, thus providing better service to patients.

During the series of charity activities in many hospitals in Hanoi, the delegation of Sum Pharmaceutical Company received great encouragement from numerous doctors and at the same time felt the expectation as well as the gratitude of the poor patients who do not have enough money to buy medicines ... We get more strength and enthusiasm to do more good things, together with the community and the society, to take care of the health of the people.


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