Sum Pharma Celebrated International Children's Day for all children of staffs

Sum Pharma Celebrated International Children's Day for all children of staffs

In June 01 morning, Sum Pharma organized Children’s Day for all children of staffs at the company’s hall.

Attended this event, Mr. Nguyen Thai Ngoc - Director of Sum Pharma emphasized: “Organizing this small festival, Sum Pharma not only hopes to bring all children of employees a spiritual gift but also unite and make them consider Sum Pharma as their second home.

The program expected to start at 09 am, but since 08:30 am, the company hall had been warmed by the presence of nearly 100 little guests with joy, excitement, and the curiosity.  

The crowded and joyful hall since 08:30

On this special case, the firm representative wished Sum Pharma's children will have an energetic summer as well as expected them to be a good pupil while their parents are at work.

Besides the gifts for all children, the organizers specially praised and awarded many prizes to whom do well in school during the year to encourage them continuously endeavor next year.

The organizers awarded many prizes to all "little guests"

 At the ending, bustling atmosphere of cultural shows, quizzes, games with prizes helped all children get out of shyness, immersed in the game and had an exciting moment on Children Day.

The game show was enthusiastically responded

Children regretted that the program ended so early though remained the pleasure, pride, expectation for coming up next days.

As one of the annual activities of Sum Pharma’s labor union, the Children’s Day brings the deep human significance to promote the teaching of Uncle Ho "Children are like buds on the branches” – The teenagers and infants are like green buds of the country who need to be taken care of and have been thoughtfully educated. This case is also a chance to have a strong unity of all of Sum Pharma’s members. In addition, the day has been created more excitement and highly motivational work to all company staffs.


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