Mid-Autumn is a festival of the children and being a festival means being happy, which is the Board of Directors of Sum Pharma’s viewpoint when planning for the Mid-Autumn Festival for the children of staff members. This year’s festival at Sum Pharma has left the children and adults a distinct impression.

Sum Pharma’s Mid-Autumn festival was held outdoors in the large yard of HancorpBuiding, No. 72 Tran Dang Ninh Street, CauGiay District, Hanoi. The event attracted attention of pedestrians and many residents in neighboring areas. The spacious yard was beautifully decorated with colourful background, twinkle light of the stage, lanterns and so on. The delicately-made fruit tray, colourful candies and cakes as well as neatly-arranged Mid-Autumn gifts.

The Mid-Autumn party went on in a boisterous and festive atmosphere. The first performance – the humorous play with many characters from Vietnamese fairy tales such as Phu Ong (a rich but arrogant man), Miss Hang and Mr. Cuoi (two people lived in the moon) made both children and their parents let outloud laughs.

The magic performance of the professional magician went on after the funny play, which attracted full attention and cause great surprises among the kids.

Beautiful fire circus was the next performance. All of the lights were turned off, left alone the performers with fire circles. Silence and full attention of the kids focused on the artist. The smooth move of the performers, along with the flash of light and camera received loud and unceasing applause of the audience.

The “Stone Dance” of this year’s Mid-Autumn was of interest the most. Nearly 20 children volunteered to step onto the stage as soon as Miss Hang and Mr. Cuoi invited. The kids are only from three to seven years old, no one would imagine that they were so brave and confident like that.

Games with unicorn dance, presents and lantern parade may be the part that they expected the most after art performance. The kids enjoyed unicorn dance and were given presents by the unicorn. All of them were in great joy.

The Mid-Autumn party in Sum Pharma came to an end but left us a strong impression. Everyone wish that Sum Pharma would enjoy sustainable development in order that more regards will be showed for its staff members.

The most precious moments of Sum Pharma’s Mid-Autumn Festival 2016:


Made-in-Sum-Pharma Miss Hang and Mr. Cuoi




Funny play with funny performance of Phu Ong enjoyed loud laughs of the kids


The magic with many intersting performances



The fire performer among the little kids



The kids paid full attention to the performances in the Mid-Autumn festival






Actively participating in many games and receiving presents from the Organizing Committee



Sharing candies, cakes and fruit and enjoying Mid-Autumn festival together

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