From very early on, the campus of the Drum Dong Event Center (72 Tran Dang Ninh) was resplendent with the colors of lanterns, star lights and the music of the August lantern procession spreading even more joyful atmosphere. , the excitement of the Moon Night for you at Sumpharma.

More than 200 children who are children of employees in the Company had a fun and full of love night. The children were given very interesting gifts by the Organizing Committee such as: toys, star lights, candies...

This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival fun program is impressively designed with special programs such as: Lion dance, monkey circus, clown, Uncle Teu, Ms. Hang, Uncle Cuoi... especially musical performances. unique and indispensable part of breaking the deck.

Here are some pictures of Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 at Sumpharma:

The children attentively watch the unique lion dance performance

A large number of children eagerly watched the stage at the Sumpharma Full Moon Festival

Uncle Cuoi follows the unicorn's performance

The children happily participated in the game and was awarded by Ms. Hang

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