“Strong Connections – Sustainable Future” – a Product-Launch Workshop of Sum Pharma

A product-launch workshop of Sum Pharma was held on the sixth floor of Hancorp Buiding, 72 Tran Dang Ninh Street - Hanoi, attracting representatives of more than 500 drugstores in Hanoi.
Sum Pharmaceutical Investment Joint-stock Company’s Board of Directors and heads of Department participated in the workshop
The product-launch workshop namely “Strong Connections – Sustainable Future” was organized on November 9th and 10th, 2015. The company had arranged the time and transportation in a way that suited the customers the most, including picking up the customers from far distance.
Despite of the rainy weather, a lot of participants had come to the workshop and filled the hall up. The workshop happened in a cosy atmosphere with the participation of representatives of more than 500 drugstores who accompanied and supported Sum Pharma.
A member of the Board of Directors expressed the company’s gratitude towards the drugstores and stated that “Sum Pharma is a pharmaceutical company which invests heavily in the production lines, product quality and advertises its products in all key communications channels such as television, newspaper and magazines, electronic media and online marketing.


A member of the Board of Directors gave her speech at the workshop

In this product-launch workshop, attractive sales programs designed exclusively for drugstores in Hanoi also warmed the atmosphere up. The presentation of the National Sales Director on business strategies and tactics of Sum Pharma created more excitement and trust in the company’s policies of supporting the drugstores.

 The National Sales Director of Sum Pharma made his presentation at the workshop 

In the next part, the workshop focused on introducing and clearly describing the use and ingredients of the company’s key products such as SumHevi for sinusitis and allergic rhinitis, Scheett for hemorrhoids, Vitanan for people with high cholesterol and Zealot for diabetes.

 Head of Research and Product Development Department gave her speech at the workshop 

The most special part is Questions & Answers, in which the questions about the company’s products were well-received and answered immediately at the workshop, which firmly established the trust of the customers on the quality of products.
At the end of the workshop, the guests enjoyed simple meal, talked and took pictures together, shared their experience and received the gifts of gratitude from the company. The workshop on November 9th and 10th had come to an end and made a good impression on the customers in Hanoi.
The following workshops are expected to take place in neighbourhood provinces namely Quangninh, Haiphong, Haiduong on November 23th, 25th and 26th.

 Some moments of the workshop on November 9th and 10th: 

The guests arrived at the hall on time despite the rainy weather 

 The participants were invited to visit the company’s departments 



The workshop happened in a cosy atmosphere 


The guests listened to the product presentation


 Conversations in the light meal


 Sum Pharma’s staff members always appreciated the feedback of customers 


 Taking pictures together


And receiving the gifts of gratitude 


 A member of Sum Pharma’s Board of Directors expressed her gratitude and said good bye to each drugstore

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