Flower and Fruit decoration contest at Sum Pharma to celebrate International Women’s Day

In order to bring surprising joy to the ladies of Sumpharma on International Women's Day March 8th, a flower arrangement and fruit decoration contest was held yesterday afternoon at the 72 Tran Dang Ninh office with the theme “Skillful men, supportive women".


The competition attracted the enthusiastic participation of all departments in the Company such as Administration, Marketing, Sales Management, Sales and Warehouse departments. The overall atmosphere of the competition is extremely exhilarating and exciting.

On this occasion, Sumpharma's female staff members revealed that they were surprised by the ingenuity and creativity of their male colleagues. Flowers and fruit baskets are elaborately prepared, meticulously combined with humorous, funny and humanitarian themes.

The presentations of all teams are indeed very impressive, bringing "a lot of laughter" for everyone.

After two tight and exciting competitions: flower arranging, fruit decoration and presentation of participating teams, the judges eventually selected the best teams in the contest.

The first prize belonged to the work titled "Vietnamese Women".

One second prize, two third prizes and two consolation prizes were also awarded by the judges.

The contest was a great success, showing the cultural beauty of Sumpharma identity. It attracted the participation of all male employees of the company, especially those who have not had a girlfriend and hoping to show their talent to attract a female colleague.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, many best wishes are extended to all the women in the world, especially the female employees who are working at Sumpharma. Wish you a lot of happiness, health and success in life.

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