Recently on Oct 01, the final matchof Sum Pharma Cup,between the Administration team and Sales Supervision team, took place at Ton That Thuyetstadium with a lot ofunforgettable memories.

This might be the most emotional match throughout the Sum Pharma Cup 2015. First time ever since the founding of the company, the champion "King of the woods" Administration was uncrowned by the team of "Lions" Sales Supervisor, who made everyone stunned by defeating the former with a noticeable score 3:1.

With the Administration team, theirsweet dreamof victory withspectacular goalsagainst Sales and Marketing teams had gone to the past after they encountered the “nightmare” named Sales Supervision.

Over the past seasons, Sales Supervision team has never everbeen ashighly appreciated as the others. It’s believed that it was because their defensewas not good enough. However, in the tournament this year, they came back upstream with a complete defensive and offensive playstyle, which is called “arrow strategy”.

Right from the first half, while the players Administration were quite subjective when focusing too much on attacking rather than defending, the Sales Supervision team took advantage of this weakness andsuccessfully scored the opening goal, thanks to player Tran Tuyen. Instead of holding back to strengthen their defense, the Administration continued to make mistakes, and the price for this was the 2nd goalfrom their rival.

In the 2nd half, the Administrative team seemed to be more cautious as their defenders quickly withdrew to protect the goal. In the middle of the match, the firstscore of the Administration side had given them a lot more power. Nonetheless, as the saying “We cannot escape from destiny”,at the 87th minute, the Sales Supervision players scored the 3rd goal, set the remarkable gap of 3:1. With this convincing victory, the Sales Supervisor was totally worth beingthe champion of Sum Pharma Cup 2015.

Besides, in the battle for the third and fourth places, just a few minutes afterward, between the Sales and Marketing teamswasalso very thrilling. The Sales Department team won 2:1, which many people had expected before the match since both these two teams are very strong.

Sum Pharma Cup Football Championship 2015 has ended with full of surprises and interesting marks. The organizers hope that after this tournament, the players and all the staff will be more and more close-knit in the group activities of the company.

Here are some memorable images of the final match in Sum Pharma Cup 2015:

Players of 2 teams

Handshake for Peace before the match

The opening goal of the Sales Supervision team

The Administration players continuously counter-attack

And dominate the rival…

… but still cannot pass through the “shield” of Sales Supervision side

Excited fans after the goal

Relaxing smile of the new champion of Sum Pharma Cup 2015



















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