Formula milk


Sumpharma offers a full range of very high quality infant, baby formulas and pregnant mothers. We can also help you source a full range of high quality private label infant & baby formula solutions, all produced from the highest quality ingredients from  Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Poland depending on your requirements.

Sumpharma offers customers many different formulations of the baby milk powder. The products vary in protein content, oils blend type and the set of optional ingredients, such as DHA, AA, GOS (prebiotic) or nucleotides, included. Having the large portfolio of available formulations, we can satisfy requirements of many different markets and customers.

Infant formulas we offer include:

Infant formula Stage 1 Premium 
Infant formula Stage 2 Premium 
Infant formula Stage 3 Premium 

Infant formula Stage 1 Standard
Infant formula Stage 2 Standard
Infant formula Stage 3 Standard


Milk powder for pregnant women







Other several options:

The supply of infant milk powder formulas according to your specification.
The supply of ready made infant milk powder formulas suitable for your strategy market. 
We can offer you existing / available brands or private label infant formula.

Most of baby formulas are available in 400g, 900g tins

Please contact us if you would like to have your private label or if you have your own brand and would like to produce milk powder for you.