Why Sumpharma?

1. Professional work environment

At Sum Pharma, since its inception, we have decided to create a professional and modern work environment. Our corporate culture always appreciates solidarity, team work and creativity.

We acknowledge that “Human is the most important resources, a decisive factor in the company’s development”; therefore, we always focus on building corporate culture adhered to human factor, inspiring and encouraging staff members to work in the most effective way.


2. Chances to advance your career:

We always appreciate LEARNING culture – learn every time, everywhere, learn from teachers, learn from colleagues and learn from the market itself. Sum Pharma holds training courses and managing courses for the staff members, and gives them opportunity to exchange experiences in order to broaden their skills, catch up with the social development trends and meet the general demand of the company.

In order to attract talented people, we always create a challenging work environment and chances for all ambitious people as well as enable them to reach their full potential in order to reach new heights.

3. Good remuneration:

Sum Pharma is one of the pharmaceutical companies with top remuneration system in Vietnam. Our remuneration policy is highly competitive, which creates the conditions for individuals to work actively and enthusiastically and to dedicate in accordance with their income.

We promptly recognize each staff members with good record and achievements by reward policy. This is also the basis on which the company considers their work process and promoted them to higher, more responsible and more challenging position with better remuneration.



4. Exchange activities

Besides remuneration, at Sum Pharma, we also show a proper regard to the spiritual life of the staff members. We create healthy playgrounds for the staff members after working hours namely football, badminton, tennis, art performance, monthly birthday party and so on. We also organize many boisterous events such as International Women’s Day, Vietnamese Women’s Day, International Children Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, summer vacation and so on, in order that the staff members and their families have chance to meet each other, build and nurture love in Sum Pharma family.


Remuneration and special regard to the staff members at Sum Pharma were built with the main purpose of attracting and encouraging talented people to commit and dedicate for the whole mission and sustainable development of Sum Pharma with “one heart, one mind and one purpose”.