The Eye-catching Cooking Contest On the Occasion of International Women’s Day

The International Women’s Day on March 8th is one of the most meaningful celebration of the year for the ladies. Taking a chance to express love and gratitude to the “fair sex”, Sum Pharma’sLabour Union organized a cooking contest celebrating March 8th, attracting the participation of all staff members in the company.

Unlike men, the road to win the heart of women is hardly through their stomach; however, how sweet it is to see the gentlemen going to the market and cooking the meals! Showing their cooking talent with the ladies, men from departments of Sum Pharma led the women from surprise to surprise with their perfectly tasty and eye-catching dishes.  


 Men from departments of Sum Pharma led the women from surprise to surprise

Creative ideas turned the simple dishes such as “Nom Tai HeoHoaChuoi” (a combination of fresh vegetables, pig’s ears and banana flower), “Bo Cuon La Cai” (beef rolled in Chinese cabbage and milky white Pho), “XoiChimGa Quay” (toasted chicken and sticky rice served with bird meat) and “Bun Bo Nam Bo” (southern beef rice noodles) into great masterpiece.

Besides, many dishes with their strange name such as “Doan Vien” (Family Reunion), “Vu Khuc Song Phung” (Dance of Phoenix), “Tri An” (Gratefulness), “Bien CaBao La” (Vast Ocean) and Qua Tang Me (Gifts to Mother) had confused the Judges and ladies until the persuasive presentation of the “Chefs”.


After judging the dishes, the female diners enjoyed the buffet literally

Many other activities to express gratitude toward the ladies were also organized in this contest namely sixteen entertaining performances, giving flowers to the ladies and taking photos together. The women left the contest with brightly coloured flowers and loud laughs.

The best wishes for the ladies will close this article: Wish all female staff members in Sum Pharma always feel that they are loved, wish all days in the year are March 8th.

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