The boisterous Sum Pharma’s Dance Competition 2015

In the joyful atmosphere of the Vietnam Women’s Day, Sum Pharma’s team building program and Dance Competition Award were held on October 24th, 2015 at Dai Lai Flamingo Resort.

Team building is an annual program that the Board of Directors highly appreciates because of its entertaining element, which promotes team spirit and refreshes the staff members after a hard-working period. This year’s program was more joyful and boisterous because of a perfect combination: Team building program and Dance Competition Award.

With the theme “The Colour of Your Success”, 200 staff members were divided into 8 teams facing many challenges such as kicking the ball, pouring water in a pipe and kayaking. All games took place in solidarity and tremendous excitement.

The most anticipated activity was Sum Pharma’s Dance Competition 2015 held after lunch at Flamingo Restaurant. With unique dances and no limitation on dancing styles, there were so many funny moments at the competition, including the playful “Washing Hands” dance of the Accounting Department and the amusing “Smelly-Underarm Swans” dance of the Business Department. The performance which received the highest score of the Judges and loudest applause of the audience was “teenage grannies” of “Rejuvenation Dance” of Supervision Department.

Team building program with entertaining games at Dai Lai Resort showed special regard of the company’s Board of Directors to the spiritual and physical life of all staff members and made a great contribution to improve their solidarity, effectiveness and team spirit.

Some moments of the team building program on October 24th

The Flash mob dance at the beginning of the CompetitionHình

 Each team created their own flag

 A game called “Face-to-face Popping balloons

 “Fast and Furious” game

 Entertaining moments after some games 

Kayaking, trying to find “the secret message


 “No Name Dance” was the opening performance of the Competition 

 Exploded into wild laughter because of “grannies” in “Rejuvenation” dance 

 Special “Beggars and Beatbox” dance



Impressive “Gongs” dance 

Cute “kids” in “Cheeks and Buttocks” dance 

 Could not help but burst into laughters because of “Smelly-Underarm Swans” dance 

 Funny balloon-stuffed Ong Dia (God of the Earth)



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