The Boisterous International Children’s Day at Sum Pharma

In the boisterous atmosphere of the International Children’s Day all over the country, a party was held by Sum Pharma’ Labour Union in order to hand out presents for the children of the company’s staff members.

The party went on in a convivial, homely and cosy atmosphere among naïve children. “I really feel like I am a little child among so many pretty and cute children. On occasion of International Children’s Day, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I send by best wishes to all children. Wish you good results at school, obedience and happiness so that your parents also work well. Wish all staff members of our company happiness in work and life,” a member of Board of Directors shared.

The party to celebrate International Children’s Day on June 1 is one of many activities held annually to enrich the spiritual life of the staff’s family. In addition, the activity also shows the special regard of the Board of Directors to the children of the company’s staff in joining hands with their parents and building them a better and brighter future.


Bé Nguyễn Đỗ Quyên và bé Ruby say sưa biểu diễn bài hát: Cháu yêu bà

Quyen and Ruby were performing the song “Chau yeu ba” (I love you, granny) with concentration 


 Ms Le Thuy – the beautiful MC were instructing the children before “Fashion Show” 


The audience paid full attention to the party 


 Mr Tuan Anh – the handsome MC were surrounded by the children


Sum Pharma’s Board of Directors gave presents for the children who achieved good result in the school year 2015-2016 


Nguyen Minh Duy and his family received the first prize of “loving moment


 At the end of the party, every child received presents from the Organizing Committee

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