The boisterous birthday party in July, 2016

The Sum Pharmaceutical Investment Joint-stock Company’ Labour Union held a birthday party for the staff members who were born inJuly. The birthday party went on in a convivial and cosy atmosphere with “green” Sum Pharma’s style.

According to a study, people born in July are the ones who bring other people happiness. They are also tactful, friendly, humorous and extremely funny.

In addition, people born in July are honest, altruistic and always observe things before coming to the conclusion. They are also honest and sincere friends.

All staff members of Sum Pharma expressed our wishes of health, success and happiness to everybody who had birthday in July, 2016

Some moments at the birthday party at Sum Pharma in July: 

Happily cut the birthday cake for the staff members born in July

A member of the Board of Directors gave flowers for “protagonists” of the party 

The company’s departments took photos together


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