SUM PHARMA sponsors the prizes of the competition of writing short stories for“Quà tặng cuộc sống 2015”

SUM PHARMA sponsors the prizes of the competition of writing short stories for“Quà tặng cuộc sống 2015”

SUM PHARMAInvestment Pharmaceuticaljoint-stock companywill be sponsoring all the prizes of the short-stories writing competition “Quà tặng cuộc sống 2015”.

Since the competition was launched in 2010, it has become a friendly playground for literature lovers in Vietnam. Through the competition, the organizers has found a lot of beautiful, meaningful and humane works, some of which were scripted as a movie for the show “Quà tặng cuộc sống” (Gifts of Life)broadcast on VTV3 – Vietnam Television. These touching short stories help millions of viewerspositively change their behaviors.

The competition will last from June to 31 November 2015, which means it’s getting hotter and hotter nowasmore than 2000 works from over 1000 authors were sent to the organizers. The most excellent story will receive 01 special prize of 20 million VND, followed by:                   

01 first place: 10 million VND

 02 second place: 05 million VND                                 

 03 third place: 03 million VND

 20 consolation prizes: 01 million VND

- Qualified works will be chosen to make into movies or books, and the author will receive royalties under current policies.

All the prizes will be sponsored by SUM PHARMA Investment Pharmaceuticaljoint-stock company.SUM PHARMAacknowledge the importance of combining physical and mental health care. Thus, via this contest, we hope that many humane stories will be made into movies which can help nurture Vietnamese people’s mind in the busy life. Besides, we also hope that this would be a good opportunity for excellent writers to express themselves” said Mr. Nguyễn Thái Ngọc, president of the company, about the sponsorship for the competition.

 SUM PHARMAInvestment Pharmaceuticaljoint-stock company is a dynamic, creative and rapidly developing brand in Vietnamese market,with strategies for sustainable development, which might enable the firm to spread over the regional as well as the global market. SUM PHARMA was establish with a promise to bring the community the safest, most qualifying and most effective healthcare products, with the highest prestige, carefulness and responsibility. Thus, Sum not only distributes Eastern products – which were studied by Vietnamese professors, but also tries to find other imported products with international standard, with the hope of bringing Vietnamese people best medicines, best functional foods, one of which is Sum Hevi for those who have sinusitis and some other chronic and pernicious nasal diseases.

 With 100% extracted from natural medicinal herbs, Sum Hevi is an quick and effective way to release some typical symptoms such as: nasal congestion, nasal discharge, dyspnoea, headache... Besides, Sum Hevi is the first product in the Vietnamese pharmaceutical market that combines Bromelain and Immunepath, which results in dual effects: sinus membrane recoveryand resistance improvement, preventing sinusitis as well as chronic and pernicious nasal diseases from coming back.


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