Sum Pharma Held a Birthday Party for Its Staff Members in March

The fourth day of every month is often when birthday party for Sum Pharma staff members is held by the company’s Labour Union. This activity has become a corporate culture and a great encouragement for each staff members in the process of developing the company together.

The birthday party in March was held in a convivial and cosy atmosphere with loud laugh of the staff. Representatives of the Board of Directors expressed their best wishes of heath, happiness and success and gave flowers for each member who was born in March in the melody of a birthday song.


 The Board of Directors extended their congratulations and took photos with the staff members born in March 

According to scientific researches, the people born in March are usually emotional, passionate and inspiring; therefore, there is no doubt that the most active members of Sum Pharma were born in March – the “Bee Season”

 All staff members born in March are passionate and inspiring 

The Board of Directors, along with all staff members once again extended our congratulations to the ones who were born in March! Wish you success, luck and whatever you desire in life.

The birthday party in March was hold in a convivial and cosy atmosphere with loud laugh 

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