Sum Pharma Cup 2015 – a “hot” football tournament

Sum Pharma Cup 2015 – a “hot” football tournament

On 18 September 2015, the opening ceremony of the Sum Pharma Cup 2015 football tournament was held in the FPT stadium on Ton That Thuyet street, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

Sum Pharma Cup is one of the annual tournaments of the company, in order to enhance solidarity as well as improve health of the whole staff.

The tournament this year was held half a month earlier than usual, lasting from 18 Sept 2015 until the end of the month, with the participation of 4 teams representing 4 departments including Administration, Business, Marketing and Sales Supervisor teams.

In the first leg starting on 18 Sep, the Administration side kicked off the tournament and convincingly beat Business side 4-1, while the match between Sales Supervisor and Marketing teams was a bit more thrilling with a really close 5-6 victory of the Sales team.

In the return leg on the evening of 23 Sept, Administration team still kept their stable performance with impressive difference 6: 1 against Marketing team, and Sales team, on the contrary, had to make all their efforts to gain deserving score 2-3 when facing Business team.

Here are some photos in the second leg of the 4 teams on 23 Sep:

Gorgeous cheer-leaders from Business department.

Cute little “hooligans” from Marketing department.

Sales Supervisor team.

In the very first half, Administration players quickly dominated the others.

Awesome header of a player from Marketing department.

Known as current champion in Sum Pharma Cup 2014, it was believed that this would be a difficult tournament for Administration department.

   Meanwhile, Sales Supervisor team surprised the spectators with their new techniques.
             Here is an amazing shot of a player from Sales Supervisor team.

The beauty excitedly screamed out after the goal.

The butterflies-in-the-stomach substitutes of Business department.

The players resting right on the field after the match.

At the end of the return leg, 2 teams for the final of the 2015 Cup were defined – Administration and Sales Supervisor, along with the other teams competing for the third place. The final, which will take place on 30 Sep, is believed to be an awesome and thrilling performance.

Latest news of the tournament will be continuously updated.

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