Sum Pharma Celebrated Birthday for Its Staff Members in April

Sum Pharmaceutical Investment Joint-stock Company held a birthday party for its staff members who were born in April on the fifth day of the month as usual. The party went on in a boisterous, convivial and cosy atmosphere.

At the birthday party, a member of the Board of Directors extended her wishes to the staff members on their special day: “I would like to wish all of you health, joy and happiness. Also wish you more success in your life as well as your work.”

In respond to the regard of the Board of Directors for the spiritual life of the staff members, a person who had birthday in April shared her feeling: “I am very happy and moved because the Labour Union holds us such a happy birthday party. On behalf of the people here, I extend my deep gratitude towards the Board of Directors as well as all staff members for attending this party. Wish the Board of Directors and all staff members achieve your goals in 2016 and dedicate more to the growth and development of Sum Pharma.”

Some moments of the party:

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