SUM PHARMA bringing “Mid-Autumn in Love” to Yen Bai children

SUM PHARMA bringing “Mid-Autumn in Love” to Yen Bai children

In the freezing autumn morning 19 Sep 2015, representatives of Sum Pharma joint-stock company had travelled almost 300 km from Hanoi to Pate village, Tuc Dan commune, Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province to deliver more than 400 Mid-autumn festival gifts to children there.

After all the winding mountainous roads, abrupt bends and slopes, Sum Pharma company finally reached  Tuc Dan Ethnic Primary and Secondary School, in which daily learning activities of more than 400 pupils and teachers take place.

Sum Pharma Company, with the support from local teachers, had organized many recreation programs for students on the theme "Mid-autumn in Love", by which Sum Pharma had brought a colorful and cozy atmosphere to the children, with star lanterns, hundreds of colorful balloons and candies.

Along with those meaningful gifts, the delegates also presented local children with a lot of spiritual gifts by organizing games and quizzes with prizes about Brother Cuoi and Sister Hang. All those activities made local young student very excited and enthusiastic.

Here are some photos of the charity trip in Yen Bai province:

6 AM departure, when everything was ready.

10 AM in Yen Bai. It was not too far, from the highway to Tuc Dan commune, but it took a lot of time due to the difficult terrain, with many dangerous downhill track.

                                                 Severe landslides in many roads, even concrete ones.

Until 2 PM, the delegates arrived Tuc Dan Ethnic Primary and Secondary School.

All the staff quickly brought the gifts into the main hall.

Star lanterns were unwrapped and reordered.

Support from local teachers in preparation stage.

Everything was ready.

The main hall was filled with colors of star lanterns and balloons.


The speech of the Headmaster, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh.

     Ms. Nguyen Tuan Linh, representative of the company, talked about the reason and purpose of the trip.

Performance by students in Tuc Dan school.

All students were so excited when playing games…

… and when receiving gifts.

Party time!

Innocent look of a local little girl.

The trip arrived in Hanoi at mid-night.

Tuc Dan commune, Tram Tau district includes 7 villages, 90% of which are the Hmong ethnic people, the others are Kinh, Thai and Kho Mu, with the amount of poor households at 80% due to limited educational level. Besides, rugged geography, low population density and the lack of facilities also make it difficult to provide local teachers and students a good learning environment.

After this trip, Sum Pharma company is going to hold another charity program particularly for ethnic teachers, on the occasion of the upcoming Vietnamese Teachers’ Day on 20 November.


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