To own an imported product from Sumpharma, distributors need to go through 10 basic steps as follows:

Step 1: The customer selects the product formula with the price and information suitable to the needs.

Step 2: Sign an economic contract between Sumpharma and the customer.

Step 3: Customers deposit a part of the value of the order in advance.

Step 4: Finalize the design of the label and product packaging.

Step 5: Sumpharma orders the factory to produce batches of products.

Step 6: Sumpharma conducts the publication of the product's profile.

Step 7: The factory transports the product batch to Vietnam and Sumpharma's warehouse.

Step 8: Sumpharma checks the quality and quantity of the goods, adds the box (if any), informs the customer.

Step 9: The customer pays the entire remaining value of the order.

Step 10: Sumpharma ships the product batch to the customer's warehouse.

After the customer receives the shipment, Sumpharma supports to accompany the customer throughout the process of bringing the product to market.

Sumpharma, the No. ONE PRESTIGE - QUALITY - DESPECT import partner on the market today.

For more detailed advice, please contact the hotline: 0243.212.11820

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