Procedures for importing cosmetics
Beauty is a basic human need. So now many businesses are interested in importing cosmetics to Vietnam to distribute to consumers. In this article, please also Sumpharma learn about the procedure for importing cosmetics to Vietnam.
I - What is Cosmetics?
According to Article 2 of Circular 06/2011/TT-BYT on the management of cosmetics, cosmetics are defined as follows:
"Cosmetic product is a substance or preparation intended to be used in contact with external parts of the human body (skin, hair system, fingernails, toenails, lips and external genitalia) or teeth and oral mucosa with the primary purpose of cleaning, perfuming, changing appearance, appearance, correcting body odor, protecting the body or keeping the body in good condition."

II - Steps to import cosmetics
Here are the steps to import cosmetics to Vietnam:
1. Registration for cosmetic announcement:
According to the provisions of Circular 06/2011/TT-BYT, organizations and individuals responsible for bringing cosmetic products to the market are only allowed to put cosmetics into circulation when they have been approved by the state management agency. the authority to issue the number to receive the cosmetic product announcement slip and to take full responsibility for the safety, effectiveness and quality of the product. Competent state agencies will conduct post-sale inspection when the product is circulated on the market.
The process of registration for publication of cosmetics is managed by the Cosmetics Management Department of the Drug Administration of Vietnam, and is done online on the official website of the National Single Window Portal:

Announcement of imported cosmetics requires enterprises to provide the following documents as prescribed by the Drug Administration:
Declare product information according to the form
Certificate of free sale/export certificate/medical certificate of the product in the host country, with consular legalization.
Authorization letter of the manufacturer for the enterprise allowed to circulate products in the Vietnamese market, with consular legalization.
and related documents.
2. Clearance procedures:
Customs procedures are mandatory procedures that need to be carried out in more than 200 countries and territories when importing/importing goods and means of transport into a country and exporting/exiting goods. goods and means out of the country.
Customs procedures are carried out so that the State has a basis for tax calculation and makes it easier to manage import/export goods. This is a name for products, goods or means of transport and does not apply to people.

Procedures for customs clearance of goods include:
Checking the set of goods documents: During the process of doing customs procedures, enterprises need to prepare a set of documents, basically including the following papers:
- Commercial contract (Sales Contract).
- Bill of Lading (Bill of Landing).
- Packing list (Packing List).
- Certificate of origin of the shipment (C/O).
Commercial Invoice (Commercial Invoice).
Declare and transmit customs declarations: After the carrier sends a notice of arrival, businesses need to make a customs declaration and fill in all information on the declaration. When the declaration is complete and transmitted, the system will automatically issue a number if the information is correct and complete.
Taking delivery orders: Enterprises need to prepare the following documents and bring them to the carrier to get delivery orders:
- Identity card/Citizen ID copy.
- Copy of bill of lading.
Original stamped bill of lading.
Prepare a set of customs documents: After the declaration is transmitted, the system will divide the goods into a green channel, a yellow channel or a red channel.
- Green stream: Enterprises print declarations and pay taxes.
- Golden stream: The Customs unit checks the paper records of the shipment.
Red stream: Goods are checked.
Pay taxes and complete customs procedures: After the declaration has been transmitted and approved, businesses need to pay 2 main taxes, which are import tax and VAT.
Transfer goods to storage warehouse.
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