To meet the growing demand of the pharmaceutical market in Vietnam, Sumpharma has combined with prestigious factories from the Americas, Europe, Japan, Korea... to manufacture and import these products. functional foods, cosmetics and medical equipment.

Sumpharma's product portfolio includes:


  • Weight loss product
  • Liver tonic products
  • Brain-boosting products
  • Joint supplement products
  • Digestive products
  • Urinary products
  • Cardiovascular products
  • Products for metabolic disorders
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Abumin and Amino Acids
  • Products for Children


  • Skin care products: facial moisturizer, facial cleanser, acne cream, skin whitening kit, melasma product...
  • Products for makeup: lipstick, foundation, powder, BB, makeup remover, mascara,...
  • Bath and hair care products: shower gel, shampoo, body lotion, hair dye products,...
  • Vaginal care products.
  • Deodorant products.
  • Oral care products: toothpaste, mouthwash.


  • Gynecological products: vaginal tablets, fertility gels, vaginal dryness prevention gels...
  • Anal - rectal products: hemorrhoid suppositories, hemorrhoid relief cream.
  • Skin care products: scar gel, wound healing gel, burn spray...
  • Products for joints: joint injection gel, joint pain relief cream...
  • Ear-nose-throat products: eye drops, ear drops, throat spray...

For more detailed information about imported processing products and services, please contact us via Hotline: 024 3212 1820. Sumpharma sincerely thanks!

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