Sumpharma is always concerned to bring the most effective products and the best quality service to customers. Coming to Sumpharma, distributors will enjoy unprecedented privileges including:

1. Consult product formulations enthusiastically, freely

Sumpharma's sales team is always enthusiastic and dedicated to their work, trained and constantly updated on pharmaceutical knowledge in the market to provide maximum support to customers. Sum business always considers keeping credibility with customers as the top criterion in work.

2. Exclusive product selection

Sumpharma's product portfolio is carefully and professionally selected by the Product Research and Development team, with thousands of formulas for functional foods, cosmetics, and medical equipment coming from factories that meet international standards. economy, especially European countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Spain,... are countries with leading pharmaceutical manufacturing technology in the world. Customers can choose products that suit their needs with exclusive formulas, supported as trademark protection of the product. Sumpharma commits that during the time of signing the contract with the customer, absolutely does not sell products with this formula to a third party, the customer has the exclusive rights to the product according to the contract.

3. Support to make product announcement documents quickly, at the request of customers

With a long and experienced product registration team, Sumpharma is proud of its customers' ability to complete the product's publication records in the shortest time.

4. Maximum support on product design and packaging

Customers coming to Sumpharma will be supported to design product packaging for free, according to customer's requirements, or Sumpharma's proposal. Sum's packaging designs are all very beautiful, bringing a simple but modern and luxurious feeling. In addition, Sumpharma supports printing of packaging, including boxes, package prescriptions according to customers' requirements.

5. Ensure delivery time on schedule, products meet quality standards

Sumpharma commits to product delivery time according to schedule in the contract agreed by both parties. In addition, the product will be checked and tested by the manufacturer to the right standards before being brought back to Vietnam, and checked again by Sumpharma before being delivered to customers and consumers.

6. Support for professional documentation and product communication

Sumpharma's pharmaceutical team is ready to provide maximum support to customers in product training to serve the marketing of the product. In addition, Sumpharma supports communication for potential customers, which makes a huge difference between Sumpharma and other importers on the market today.

Sumpharma is confident to be the No. ONE PRESTIGE - QUALITY - DESPECTED importer on the import market today.

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