Product-Launch Workshop in Quangninh: Strong Relationships between Sum Pharma and Its Customers

Following the success of the workshop  “Strong Connections – Sustainable Future” in Hanoi, a product-launch workshop was organized by Sum Pharmaceutical Investment Joint-stock Company at Ho Co Tien Convention Center, Bao Bien street, Hong Hai district, Halong City, Quang Ninh in the morning of November 23th, 2015.

The workshop  attracted representatives of more than 100 drugstores in Quangninh province and took place in a cosy and homely atmosphere in accordance with the instruction of the company’s director.

The customers coming to the workshop had an opportunity not only to share their work experience but also to get satisfactory answers for their questions about the products, sales policies and marketing strategy of Sum Pharma. The useful knowledge about the product was shared by Professor and Doctor Cao Thi Hau, the former director of the Center for Nutrition Information, Education and Communications of Vietnam. In addition, the customers also had a chance to join in the lucky draw in order to receive many gifts from Sum Pharma.

The workshop was considered to be successful and was an occasion for customers to understand more about the company’s products as well as its corporate culture. The next product-launch workshop is going to take place on November 25th, 2015 in Gia Vien restaurant, Bach Dang Street, Hong Bang district, Haiphong, promising many good things and cultivating the relationships between Sum Pharma and the drugstores.

Some moments of the workshop in Quangninh:


Warm reception from Sum Pharma’s staff members at the entrance 


All guests were invited to participate in the lucky draw


The workshop  took place in a cosy atmosphere


 Ms. Cao Thi Hau, the former director of the Center for Nutrition Information, Education and Communications of Vietnam gave a presentation about the products 


The customer paid full attention for the presentation 


The customers had a chance to join in the Lucky Draw


 And receive many gifts from the Organizing Committee 



 The convivial atmosphere at the banquet 


 All customers received valuable gifts of gratitude from Sum Pharma before leaving



Sum Pharma extended its profound gratitude toward drugstores participating  at the workshop "Strong Connections - Sustainable Future" of the Company 


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