With the desire to improve standard of living and protect the health of Vietnamese people, we constantly find products that meet their strong healthcare needs and make our commitment on bringing best brands, guaranteeing quality, safety and effectiveness, and creating trust and credibility among our customers.


Sumpharma distributes large consignments to companies with good and competitive price as well as share power with companies in communicating products to the consumers. Our products are imported from France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, Japan, USA, Canada and so on of following categories:


  • Health supplement
  • Cosmetics
  • Infant formula, formula for pregnant women and other ages


  • Orders in small or large consignments with competitive prices
  • Beautiful and modern samples as well as designs on demand
  • Exclusivities in using the label and distributing the products
  • Full service from forming formula, designing label and samples, announcing the products until they get to warehouse

Sumpharma commits to bring you pleasure with our product quality, full and excellent service as well as stable benefits.

We are open to cooperation opportunities with all partners

Sumpharma presents exciting cooperation opportunities with many kinds of products in health supplement, cosmetics, infant formula and nutrition milk. We aim at providing high-quality products and services according to demand of particular customers.


In our relations with partners, for long and sustainable development, Sumpharma always works on the basis of mutual respect, win-win situation, complying with the laws of Vietnam and international trade practices.