Sum Pharma is a rapidly growing brand on the pharmaceutical market of Vietnam.

SUM Investment Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company specializes in importing and distributing dietary supplements, cosmetics, and medical devices. We always guarantees our products’ quality as well as the timely delivery of them to our sub-distributors. That is the reason why we have made a name in the import market.

With the motto: Prestige - Quality – Devotion, we commit to bring Vietnamese consumers the best-quality, safest and most effective healthcare products.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and prestige by having the companionship and support of the leading specialists in the sector as well as a team of creative, professional, and experienced staff.


SUM PHARMA is established with the mission to bring community the ranges of high quality, safe and the most effective healthcare products by our prestige, devotion and responsibility. Therefore, SUM PHARMA  not only distribute the oriental medicine which are the research works of prestigious domestic institutes but we also provide high quality imported drugs and food supplements from the leading manufacturers in the world.

Always ensure the quality of domestic oriental medicine

In recent years, oriental medicine market of Vietnam is strongly developed, however, the mechanism to control quality is not strict enough due to 90% raw material is imported from China and the rest is domestic material. Thus, many finished products are not safe and effective. Therefore, providing people the oriental medicine with high quality, safety, efficiency is our strategic sustainable choice of  SUM PHARMA.

SUM PHARMA’s products are result of methodical research works by leading pharmaceutical experts who are professors, PhDs from prestigious institutes or research labs such as: Institute of Natural  Chemistry Products - Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam Institute of Indigenous Medicine… Thus, each researched formula with special ingredients combination method as well as the control of production process are the key factors to create efficiency of products branded SUM PHARMA. To ensure the best quality of product, we only select partners who are prestigious manufacturers with modern, advanced GMP- WHO standard assembly lines.

High quality imported drugs and food supplements 

The range of imported drugs, imported supplements is always highly appreciated by special pharmaceutical technology which helps increase quality and efficiency of products. Therefore, along with the prestigious domestic products we also import and distribute the drugs and food supplements from nations that have developed pharmaceutical industry to meet Vietnam partners’s demand of using high quality food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices.

About our exclusive distributors:
We have more than 100 exclusive distributors throughout the three parts of Viet Nam: the North, the Middle, and the South; and hundreds of imported products of different
kinds which are suitable for all channels like OTC, ETC, online, spas, etc.

About our manufacturing partners:
Setting quality as our priority, we always choose prestigious manufacturers in countries and territories which the pharmaceutical industry thrives in like Europe, North
America, Japan, Korea, etc. and can meet with manufacturing standards such as ISO 13485, ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP, etc.

SUM PHARMA commit to bring consumers the best quality, safest and the most effective drugs and supplements.