Sum Pharmaceutical Investment Joint-stock Company was born with a mission of becoming a leading unit in the distribution of health care products as long as the desire to improve the quality of life, ensure and protect the health of Vietnamese people.

In order to accomplish that mission, Sum Pharma has taken every effort to seek and research for the products that meet the rising demand for health care of the people. We undertake to provide the customers the best brands, which satisfy the strictest requirements for the quality, safety and effectiveness, create trust and credibility among customers in the products distributed by Sum Pharma corresponding the company’s brand.

Sum Pharma’s products are always of outstanding quality compared to other products in similar business line in the market and are proud of being a scientific work of leading and trustworthy Professor, Doctor of Philosophy and pharmacist in Vietnam namely:

  • Professor and Doctor of Philosophy Pham Quoc Long – Head of Institute of Natural Products Chemistry, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
  • People’s Teacher Pham Thanh Ky – Former Principal of Hanoi University of Pharmacy.
  • Doctor Hoang Sam – Head of Vietnam Indigenous Medical Institute.

Not only distributing oriental products which is the scientific work of the leading institutes in Vietnam, Sum Pharma always searches for imported quality products of top producers in the world, especially famous pharmaceutical brands in Europe.


With considerable achievements, Sum Pharma had an honour of being Top 100 Sustainable Brands 2015, Top 100 Product Brands in Vietnam 2016, Gold Product for Public Health and so on. Though being new in the market, products of Sum Pharma such as SumHevi, SumGoodly, SumBeau, SumMeli and Fransante … quickly build a strong foothold in the pharmaceutical market of Vietnam and always enjoy support and high credibility of customers.