“Happy New Year” Gala 2015 in Boisterous and Cosy Atmosphere

A Gala to celebrate the New Year according to lunar calendar for all staff members of Sum Pharma was hold by the Board of Directors at Trong Dong Palace, No.72 Tran Dang Ninh Street, Hanoi on February 3rd, 2015.  In the Gala, all activities of the company in 2015 was summed up; many funny and unique performances as well as the lucky draw created a boisterous and cosy atmosphere for all participants.

The activities in Gala 2015 were more dynamic and fresher with funny and unique performances as their names indicated such as ao dai (Vietnamese traditional dress), bikini and talent contests for eight “beautiful men” from all departments.

The eye-catching charming “ladies” in ao dai suddenly turned into hot and attractive “girls” in bikini. Besides, the staff members of Sunrise Media also enjoyed other entertaining games such as breaking the balloons by your cucumber, breaking the balloons by your buttock and the lucky draw with hundreds of valuable gifts. Many awards including The Most Active Department and Sales King were bestowed for the worthy individuals and departments

The Board of Directors gave their speeches at the Gala, expecting that this was an occasion to review all ups and downs in 2015 and gave all staff member strength to achieve the goals in 2016 together. With orientation of constantly expanding market, diversify its products as well as pushing the sales up, Sum Pharma set its expected growth rate at 300 percent, doubling or tripling the income of last year and become one of the most sustainable pharmaceutical company in the country.

The year 2015 had witnessed the strong development of Sum Pharma in the pharmaceutical industry of Vietnam. The brand Sum Pharma with products such as SumHevi, Strett, Vinatan and Zealot gradually becomes a familiar brand in medicine cabinets of many Vietnamese households. Besides, in order that the customers have access to the best pharmaceutical products in the world, Sum Pharma is going to distribute 15 pharmaceutical products imported from developed countries namely France, Germany, Australia, the United States and Canada, which have been thoroughly investigated in the market, considered to be suitable with Vietnamese customer but have small supply.

The Gala on February 3rd, 2016 has come to an end in a cosy atmosphere and overwhelming joy on the threshold of the New Year.

Some moments of the Gala 2016:

 Trying the idea of the costume of the Southern Queen in imperial palace, but this costume made the audience think of Cam (a villain in Tam Cam – a Vietnamese fairy tale)


 Endearing face from Marketing – Storage and Management Department

Thí sinh có gương mặt khả ái nhất đến từ liên minh Marketing - Kho và Quản trị







The departments received awards from the Organizing Committee

The audience joined in many games



 At the end of the Gala, all staff and the Board of Directors said “Cheers!” for the New Year  





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