Full-of-colours-and-happiness Vietnam Women’s Day at Sumpharma

During its formulation and development, Sum Pharmaceutical Investment Joint-stock Company has focused not only on gaining the strong foothold as a credible pharmaceutical company but on building its corporate culture.

Celebrating this year’s Vietnam Women’s Day, the Labour Union of Sum Pharmaceutical Investment Joint-stock Company hold “Queen of Sum 2016” photo contest with participation of ten departments of the companies. The contest gave everyone loud and delighted laughs.



Festive and lively atmosphere at Sumpharma

The preparation for the “Queens of Sum” photo contest not only attracted ladies of Sumpharma but its gentlemen also.



In the contest, all members of certain department wore clothes of the same style and same subject that meet three criteria namely “BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE AND INTERESTING PRESENTATION”. This is also three important criteria that the Judges will consider during their judgement.


Each deparmetn will have clothes of the same subject

 At 10 a.m, October 20th, 2016, the Judges and photographer visited each department in order to make judgement and snap the most beautiful and memorable photos of each department. The best photos of each department were collected to an album, posted on Facebood Page of the company so that everyone could share the happiness and vote for the album.


The Judges in unique style who gave impartial and qualitative judgements

After a long process of judging, all beautiful ladies and true gentlemen gathered at reception area of the company in order to honor the winner of “Queens of Sum 2016.”


Everyone wondered who will be the winner of “Queens of Sum 2016”

Prize Structure:

Main prizes including the first, the second and the third one are decided by the Judges.

3.000.000 VND is rewarded for the winner of the first prize

2.000.000 VND is rewarded for the winner of the second prize

500.000 VND is rewarded for the winner of three third prizes

One additional prize of 500.000 VND is rewarded for the winner of the “most-like” album.


The Accounting Department convincingly won the first prize of 3.000.000 VND of this year’s Queens of Sum contest

The photo contest of the Vietnamese Women’s Day came to an end with the final triumph of Queens of Accounting Department. With the subject of “Money Flowers”, the beautiful and intelligent girls from Accounting Department created extremely eye-catching, attractive and sexy costumes. In addition, with impressive presentation, the Accounting Department were worthy of being Queens of Sumpharma.

Colourful flowers and meaningful gifts that the Board of Directors and gentlemen in the company gave the ladies are great encouragement for them in this special day.


Some photos of Queens of Sum 2016 contest:




Photos of Sumpharma’s International Cooperation Department



Photos of Sumpharma’s H&R Department


Photos of Sumpharma’s Marketing Department



Photos of Sumpharma’s Accounting Department



Photos of Sumpharma’s Business Department



Photos of Sumpharma’s Sales Management Department








Photos of R&D Department, Representative Office of the South and Middle of Vietnam

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