Food supplement

From formulation to production to packaging, we offer a full service contract manufacturing experience. We are committed to providing you with superior products, attentive customer service and competitive pricing. Work with us today to develop your unique nutritional supplement. 

We can offer you following packaging:

  • Softgel
  • Capsules: color capsules, imprinted capsules, pearl capsules, veggie capsules
  • Tablets: chewable, colored coated, effervescent, enteric coating, imprinted, sugar coating, time release
  • Powders / Liquids: protein powder, green food powder, meal replacement, multi-vitamin
  • Packaging: Bottles, blister packs, stick pack, pouches, drops.


Whether you're looking to start up a new brand or expand your current product line, we have all the resources you need to develop the products of your dreams. 

​Choose from an exclusive selection of ready-to-brand private label and supplements formulas in a variety of dosages and delivery forms. Give products your own personal touch by choosing packaging, adding your brand name and designing a custom label.

​We assure top quality products that adhere with standard regulations. All our private labeled supplements have already been formulated, tested and certified for safety and regulatory conditions.

Order flow:

Looking for a nutritional supplement manufacturer with the experience and knowledge to have a great brand? Sumpharma offers more support services than many other vitamin manufacturers or traders! Exceptional customer service, coupled with the monitoring of the latest nutraceutical industry trends, is part of our commitment to our client partners in helping them to build and grow a successful business

Sumpharma is your trusted supplement partner– we employ highly skilled staff to provide our clients with in depth research & development to ensure that you receive outstanding quality products. We aim to meet and exceed your food supplement partner requirements

Step 1: Decide what nutraceuticals  you want to make and tell us your formula details, we will provide a evaluation/ proposal / quotation with price match guarantee. We will send samples for you once price was accepted and will express the samples including packing for your test.

Step 2: Contract signing: we will send you the draft, you can send us your revision with your comments until the sale contract have been fulfilled.

Step 3: Provide us with any artwork, logos or existing label images that you want to use. Please include your contact information that you wish to use on the label.

Step 4: Our designer will create the label and send you a proof within 2-3  days. If you approve the label, go to step 6, otherwise go to step 5.

Step 5: Tell us any changes that need to be made. We will continue to make any changes you want until you are completely satisfied and approve your label

Step 6: Once the samples and label are approved or received, the manufacturing process can begin. It can take 6-10 weeks to manufacture your products depending on the uniqueness of your formula and order, but we will provide you with an accurate time estimate before the start of your order.